Birding in Louisville

Eastern Kingbird

The Louisville area is a great place to go birding.  The self-proclaimed “City of Parks” offers a great number of places to visit to see birds.  From the Bernheim Forest in Bullitt County, to Jefferson Memorial Forest in the south, all the way to Garvin Brown Preserve on the river, Louisville offers many unique birding experiences.  Below are just of a few of the places to watch birds in Jefferson County.


Anchorage Trail

Anchorage Trail is a relatively new park in Louisville and it is not to be missed.  The trail has a little bit of everything; open grassy fields, wooded paths, swamps and more.  Park at the Anchorage Presbyterian Church and follow the path along Evergreen Road that takes you into the park.  Don’t forget to visit the Anchorage Cafe while you are there for some of the best food in Louisville.  Check out the map below.

Bernheim Forest

Bernheim Forest is located in Clermont, KY and is accessible from I-65.  Bernheim offers forest trails, lakes, and prairie for you to explore and discover a variety of birds.  Below is a satellite view of Bernheim Forest.  If you zoom out you can see just how large the place is, over 12,000 acres of research forest and over 30 miles of trails.


Falls of the Ohio State Park

The Falls of the Ohio is an Indiana state park right across the river from Louisville.  Likely you have heard of it because of the 390 million year old Devonian fossils that can be found on the exposed ancient sea floor.  It is known as the Falls of the Ohio because originally there was a series of rapids caused by rock outcrops.  However, the falls have mostly been flooded by the McAlpine Dam which was built in 1830.  In the summer, look for Bald Eagles and Osprey nesting on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River.


Other places to visit

Check out more parks in the Louisville area that are great for birding and outdoor recreation:

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